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RIP Ripley

My parents had to put down their cat today. He was almost 15 years old, loved toothbrushes, and was a bit of a weirdo, but that’s what cats are for, right?

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A no-bullshit beginners guide to Star Wars books

So, let’s say you like Star Wars, and you’re curious, and that area of the bookstore is crazy, so you ask me what you should read…

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TV watching

VH1’s Hindsight came out of nowhere, but I graduated high school in 1997 so I am totally the target audience. (Okay, the almost-not-quite Gen X tail end of the target audience, but still.)

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What I read in 2014

Getting the Kindle and, more importantly, discovering that I can borrow library books through the Kindle meant for a ton of reading this year. Mind, I still have too many … Continue reading

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The first teaser for the new Star Wars came out today. I am super excited and have ten billion things to do on CJ, but I thought I ought to … Continue reading

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I am a grown-up (sort of)

About a month ago I traded my old car (the blue Matrix) in for my new car, the black Prius V. I was looking at small SUVs, because after ten … Continue reading

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Links of the whatever

→ I’m reading the Scandals of Classic Hollywood book right now. There’s a bonus chapter on Anna May Wong at Buzzfeed and a new interview with author Anne Helen Petersen … Continue reading

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Kitty drama don’t stop

→ My 5-year-old cat now has a cardiologist and is on heart medication. Hugo was diagnosed with a heart murmur at his last totally routine vet visit. I took him … Continue reading

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Cowabunga, dude

This may come across as hypocritical coming from someone who’s been in Star Wars fandom for so long, but I really do not get this desire to constantly resurrect the … Continue reading

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Adventures in torrid ’80s epic fantasy

Tor is finally doing a reread of a book series I actually read as a teen – Melanie Rawn’s Dragon Prince trilogy. Alas, this made me fall into a wave … Continue reading

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Fannish pedantic nonsense

You’d think that someone who has vague plans to write a post about how annoying Star Wars fans can be about having to label every little thing (RIP EU and … Continue reading

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My parents had to put their cat Ripley to sleep today. He was almost 15 years old (they got him as a very tiny kitten in December 2000, while I was still in college) and I can't find the kitten pictures so here he is sleeping in his corner 'bedroom' last December. Vader's Valentine tribute. I don't post enough pictures of Hugo. Ghosts of Celebrations past. #StarWars Louie's built-in scarves. Tourtière.



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